Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jump Rope Club

Ady has been participating in Jump Rope Club at her elementary school.  We've been pretty glad that she decided to, even though at first she didn't have interest.  She has improved her skills a lot and even though she started out only being able to jump 1 or 2 times, she has now gotten up to the high teens.  Her club performed at the High School Basketball game.  Even though the basketball wasn't really interesting to watch (the score was like 50-10 at half time) the half-time show was awesome. Of course Brock wanted us to sit all the way on the top row so we did. Here is a brief showing.  Ady is on the front row, 4 from the left(just to the left of her instructor).

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Fiagle Family said...

how cool. so fun to catch up on what you guys are up to