Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brock is 3 years old

Friday was Brock's third birthday.  For most of the day he did not want to be 3.  He kept telling us that he is still 2.  But Ady kept telling him how much fun it is to have a birthday and then we took him to a store to pick out a cake(we are moving and busy so we didn't bake a cake) and he picked out chocolate cupcakes with green frosting(Brock loves green).  Then when he saw that we had some presents he changed his mind and decided that having a birthday wasn't all bad.  
Brock was able to blow out 2 of the three candles on the first try.  However, when he took a breath to blow out the third candle Ady had decided that she was tired of waiting to eat her cupcake and blew out the third candle from across the table.
Brock seemed to be pretty happy with his presents.  He got a couple of matchbox cars(one was a Batman helicopter) from Ady, a transformer from mom and dad, another transformer (one for 3 year olds) from Grandma and Grandpa VT, a book from Grandma Clark and a Buzz Lightyear from Grandma and Grandpa Haddock.  He loves all his new stuff.  He has been sleeping with them in his bed the last few nights.

I thinkBrock's favorite thing he did over the weekend was mow the lawn with Grandpa.  He was grinning the whole time, and told us all about driving the tractor!
Here he is, 3 years old and doing his best "Bob the Builder" imitation.

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