Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentines Day

Ady has been a bit enamored with Valentines Day.  She wanted to make her box early in the week.  I did have to prod her to look at pinterest, and hear her complain the whole time about looking at other's boxes and not hers.  But we did come up with a princess castle idea from it.  I helped her make a covering of white paper with a door, and Grandma Haddock helped make a couple tower spires to put on the top.  Ady decorated it the rest of the way herself, she had a book of princess stickers and decorations, she even drew some windows and made it look like the princesses were looking out, she also cut out hearts and put them on.
Adam picked up some valentines for her class and Ady put them all together and put her name on all herself. The morning of Valentines she was right up and out of bed, she put all the Valentines in her bag, and even got a special one for her teacher that she had made the day before at the Library Story Hour.  It was a heartbug on a stick.  She also told me that morning that she thought about writing a poem next year for her valentines.  "Roses are red, Violets are blue, and you are so sweet! How do you like it Mom?  I just made it up myself"  I told her it was great!  She ran out the door to get in the carpool for school.(which is very rare to see more than a slow walk, she has informed us that is the way Jesus made her--to walk slow)
She had also been telling us all week long that she really wants a rose for Valentines Day.  The MHS has a fundraiser for the choir and they give a rose, a chocolate and a song to your child.  I signed up to give Ady a rose.  Perfect, right?
All was going well until Ady got home.  She showed me her box with valentines from her class. Then I asked if she got a rose.  She said no.  I said why not.  She then got hysteric talking about how they said Ady, but they said another last name and she didn't think it was her.  After I told her that indeed she should have been called, she was devastated.  She was crying and wanting a rose so bad, and she didn't know to go when they called a mispronounced last name.  Then Brock was jumping on the couch calling "Ady's a baby!" and that did not help.   I emailed the choir director and he wrote back and said they were sorry for the mistake, but the soonest they could get her a rose would be Tuesday.  I tried explaining that mistakes are made and getting a rose on Tuesday would be okay, but Ady just couldn't seem to wait because "today is Valentines Day and I always wanted a rose on Valentines Day."  Next I asked what she would do with it, she said "I would look at it, I just want to look at it and smell it"  This girl is in serious love with flowers.  So after a while of consoling, we got under control, even though she was still devastated.
We were going to meet Adam in SLC, so I called him and we arranged for him to save the day and pick her up a flower.  He had to go to 3 stores to find a place that still had some.  We met in SLC and went to dinner, Adam asked Ady about her day.  She didn't even bring up the rose.  I couldn't believe it.  Not even a word of complaint to him.  Either I am really good at consoling or Ady doesn't care to complain to Dad who has figured out the secret to not having your kids complain to you.  If it is the second reason I guess I need to pay attention to how that happens!
Well, after dinner Adam got the kids Valentines out.  He first off gave Brock a rose and gave Ady a Captain America play figure.  They quickly figured out that Dad was teasing and they changed their gifts and were very good the whole ride to Grandmas house where we stayed for the weekend.  Needless to say, Ady was thrilled with her rose.

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Melanie said...

I love that Ady is such a princess! She is just the girl for you:) I am glad she got her rose. Imagine how excited she will be on Tuesday too.